The Alf Dashboard Driver is an item released in 2008.


What he looks like.

Description Edit

Alf is standing on a black base covered in stars. When activated via push button, or motion of the car, Alf says phrases from the 1980s sitcom ALF, here are a few of his 12 phrases:

-Let's have a snack now, we'll get friendly later, you got a cat?

-Hey, ever hear of a turn signal?!

-Come on lady, this ain't a parade!

-This place that we're going, have you been there in real life, or just in your imagination?

-Let me know when this gets irritating. (Does the Melmacian Mating Call).

-How long do you preheat these things for a cat?

Trivia Edit

-He was sold at Walmart, Target, and Publix for $9.99

-Canada got a completely different version, it's based off the animated series, and only says 6 phrases instead of 12, and he was only sold at Walmart Canada for $14.99.

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