The animated angel is a Christmas decoration made in 2003.


The angel wears a white dress, a golden halo and silver wings. She holds a harp in her right hand. When activated by pressing her left hand, she turns her head and moves her right arm back and forth while singing "Angel of the morning" while her cheeks light up red.

Animated Angel

Animated Angel w/ box


-This item uses the same recording of "Angel of the morning" as Rockin' singing bass.

-This item also uses the same mechanism as the animated Sam the Snowman from the Rudolph plush series.

-It is safe to say that this item was originally planned to have a moving mouth. In fact, there is synchromotion in the chip. While the synchromotion stayed in the chip, it was used for the light up cheeks, and a moving mouth was never added.

-This item actually uses a dancing hamster module. As proof, there is a plastic hamster head that is usually found inside a dancing hamster inside the angel's head as the module.

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