The animated Secret Squirrel was a figure made based off the 1965 TV show and part of the Pop Culture Series, and was released in 2003.

Secret Squirrel

What he looks like

Description Edit

He's standing on a black base, with a red button on it, and a gold nameplate with the shows logo on it. Secret Squirrel is shown holding a gun (The one in the picture). When activated, he turns his head, moves his mouth, and lifts his arm to fire his gun (A red LED is inside the gun to replicate gunfire), while he says 10 phrases from the TV show, and he sings the theme song.

Trivia Edit

-The gun was supposed to smoke after being fired, but Gemmy couldn't get the prototype to work right.

-This is the one of the only Pop Culture items based off of an animated TV Show, and not an actual person.

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