The animated talking Rocky the Flying Squirrel was an item made by Gemmy in 2000, alongside the Animated talking Bullwinkle J Moose to celebrate the release of the movie, "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle". 
450 rocky

What he looks like


Rocky is standing on a grassy base, next to an oak tree, and the button is a yellow flower. When activated, he turns his head and moves his mouth as he says 20 phrases, 10 original and 10 from the movie, and sings his own version of "If you Had Wings".


-Despite the movie doing poor in the theaters, this item sold surprisingly well.

-He was sold at Walmart and K-B Toys for $14.99 

-Despite rumors, he was not part of the Pop Culture series, despite being similar to the Animated Secret Squirrel.

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