Betty the Deer is a female counterpart to Buck the Deer and would have been made in 2005-2006.


It's a female deer with a nameplate that reads "Betty", when activated, she says 6 phrases and sings 6 songs:


-Does anyone have a Doenut? Get it, Doenut, because i'm a female deer.

-That's the last time I trust a deer call, look where it got me!

-Do I know Bambi? Yes, I'm his mother, surprised?

-Hey guys, don't worry, there's enough fur to pet for everyone!

-I could have went out worse ways, least I never ate the yellow snow, unlike Buck!

-Can someone get me a water, from a lake, no? Fine, i'll get it myself.


-I will Survive

-Survivor (Destiney's Child version)

-Hit me with Your Best Shot (Female version)

-Honky Tonk

-Deer version of "No Scrubs"

-Her own version of "Crazy in Love"


-She can interact with Buck and Buddy Buck, who's their son.

-She includes a microphone, and remote, just like Buck.

-She was sold in a double pack, with Buck for $199, and a triple pack, with Buck and Buddy Buck for $250, or by herself for $99.

-Unlike Buck, she didn't break as easy as him.

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