The Booty Shaker Cowboy Santa is an animated Christmas decoration made in 2007. Santa wears a red cowboy hat, matching shirt and bandanna, green mittens, brown pants, and black boots. He holds a Candy Cane in his right hand. When activated, Santa dances side to side and the base spins him around and his booty moves in a circular motion in both directions as he says many different phrases and plays the song "Born to boogie".

Booty Shaker-Cowboy Santa

Booty Shaker Cowboy Santa


  • "My stomach's not the only thing that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly! Ho Ho Ho!"
  • "I've got another Christmas gift for you this year! Here it is!" (Laughs)
  • "This baby's got LOTS of back!" (Laughs)
  • "I'm now flying across a full moon! Ho Ho Ho!"
  • "Wanna know what I think of cheap milk and cookies?" (Laughs)

Where this item was soldEdit

This item was sold at Big Lots and Stop & Shop

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