Cam Ryder dolls are a series of toys that were released in mid 2017-2019.


Cam Ryder #1- Sister Sister (Stores: Walmart, Toys R Us And IGA)

Cam Ryder #2- Young Turks (Stores: Walmart And Kroger)

Cam Ryder #3- Kissy Kissy  (Stores: Kmart

Cam Ryder #4- Love Like Woe (Stores: Kmart)

Cam Ryder #5- Macarena  (Stores: Kmart, Dollar Tree And Kroger)

Cam Ryder #6- Uptown Funk (Stores: Never Released)

Cam Ryder #7- Sha La La (Stores: Never Released)

Cam Ryder #8- Wiggle Wiggle (Stores: Kmart)

Cam Ryder #9- Funky Town (Stores: Tesco)

Cam Ryder #10- You Make Me Feel  (Stores: Tesco And Target)

Cam Ryder #11- Axel F  (Stores: Dollar General,ASDA and Target)

Cam Ryder #12- Gummy Bear (Stores: Brandsmart USA, Dollar Tree, Sam's Club, Belk, And Bed Bath And Beyond)

Cam Ryder #13- Doo Be Di Boy  (Stores: Dollar General And ASDA)

Cam Ryder #14-  All Kinds Of Everything  (Stores: Dollar Tree, Kroger and Bed Bath And Beyond)

Cam Ryder #15- I Know You Want Me (Stores:Dollar Tree)

Cam Ryder #16- Locked Out of Heaven (Stores: Dollar Tree, Costco,Tesco, Sam's Club, Toys R Us,and Target

Cam Ryder #17- Butterfly (Stores: Bed Bath And Beyond, Dollar General, Sam's Club, And Tesco)

Cam Ryder #18- Tiki Tiki Ta and Pasame La Botella  (Stores: Never Released)

Cam Ryder #19- 5,6,7,8 (Stores: ASDA, Walmart, Bed Bath And Beyond, And Kroger)

Cam Ryder #20- Primetime Sexcrime (Stores: Toys R Us And Sears)

Cam Ryder #21- Unknown (Stores: Costco ASDA, Toys R Us And Target)

Cam Ryder #22- Butterfly (Stores: Kroger And Walmart)


Dancing Cam Ryder Call Of Duty Black Ops III Tank Toy (Stores: Toys R Us, Walmart, And Target)

Cam Ryder Robot Lazer Shooter (Stores: Walmart And Toys R Us)

Cam Ryder Singing Keychain #1- Sha La La  (Stores: Target, Hot Topic And Toys R Us)

Cam Ryder Singing Keychain #2- Sister Sister (Stores: Target, Hot Topic And Toys R Us)

Pop Culture Series Talking Cam Ryder Action Figure- Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun And Scream (Stores: Spencer's Gifts)

Dancing Marines Cam Ryder-  DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again and Marine Corps Hymn (Stores: Walmart And Dollar General)

Halloween Skeleton Cam Ryder- This is Halloween (Stores: Walmart) 

Cam Ryder Piano Toy (Japan Version)- Rainy Waltz/Remember, Remember (Rainy Waltz is the genre, Music From Pop'n Music Sunny Park)  (Stores: 100-yen shop And Wako)

Cam Ryder Piano Toy (USA Version)-  Zelda 2 Temple Theme (Stores: Cracker Barrel, Walmart, IGA, Hot Topic And Toys R Us)

Cam Ryder Bump N Go- My World  (Stores: Cracker Barrel And Dollar General)

Camo Dancing Cam Ryder- Koko Soko  (Stores: Brandsmart USA, Walmart, Toys R Us, And Target)

Dancing General Cam Ryder (Special Movie Edition)- Fireball  (Stores: f.y.e, Walmart, ASDA, and Spencer's)

Dancing Cam Ryder (Special Movie Edition)-We No Speak Americano (Stores: f.y.e, Walmart, ASDA, and Spencer's)

Dancing Cam Ryder-The Captain Of Her Heart (Stores: Belk,Walmart, Sam's Club,and Kmart)

Dancing Cam Ryder-Wobble and Sexy And I Know It (Stores: f.y.e, Walmart, Spencers, and Sam's Club)

Dancing Cam Ryder- Kissy Kissy (Stores: Sam's Club, Walmart, f.y.e, and ASDA)

Dancing Cam Ryder- Hit The Quan (Stores: Sam's Club, Walmart, and Target)

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