The Dashboard Driver Teri is was made in 2018. She stands on a standard base with the name plate that says Teri on it. She says a bunch of phrases plus a road comment at the push of a button, or by the motion of a vehicle.


Ew! Gross, Somone Should Clean this up.


Hey Guys, Have you seen my parents?  They were coming in today to see Miss Simian. Never Mind.

I'm so happy. They've got so much in common. They both float. They...  Actually, that's about it. She's still better for him than i'm is.

I can feel myself getting ill.

Oh Really, And How did you do that?

How exactly do you feel about that? Angry? Surprised? Upset? I can't tell.

How did you know that would happen?

Watch out! No, behind you!

Quick! Down the road!

Trivia Edit

Teri is the only dashboard driver that does have a window box and she was sold at spencer's gifts along with the other dashboard drivers of gumball characters

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