They were made from 1999-2003.

The Collection Edit

Dexter-Blinded Me With Science

DeeDee-Walking on Sunshine

Life-Size Dexter-the theme song

Life-Size Valentine Deedee-Everlasting Love

Rubberized Halloween Dexter as a Warlock-I Put A Spell On You

Rubberized Halloween Deedee Witch-She bounces like the rubber Dancing Ghouls to Witch Doctor.

Flashback! 40s Dexter-Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy

Flashback! 40s Deedee-In The Mood

Flashback! 50s Dexter-Blue Moon

Flashback 50s Deedee-Rock Around The Clock

Flashback 60s Deedee-Let the Sunshine in

Flashback 60s Dexter-Groovy Kind of Love

Flashback 70s Deedee-Boogie Shoes

Flashback 70s Dexter-Get Down Tonight

Flashback 80s Dexter-Don't Stop Believing

Flashback 80s Deedee-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Valentine Dexter-Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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