These fan-made Gemmy toys are inspired by the hit Nicktoon and were made in 2012

Basics Edit

Wanda-A Million Wishes (from the episode "Timmy's Secret Wish!")

Poof-Every Little Thing She Does is Magic


Cosmo-Tractor Songs

Timmy-Fairly OddParents Theme

Vicky- Evil ways

Chester and AJ Duet-Kids Just Being Kids

Tootie-Crazy In Love

Chip Skylark-Icky Vicky and My Shiny Teeth and Me

Anti-Wanda-Act Naturally

Anti-Cosmo-The midnight hour

Special EditionsEdit

Backyard Circus Wanda the Tightrope Walker-Holding a teddy bear in a chair on a stick, she walks to the Entry of the Gladiators.

Holiday Wanda-Jingle Bells

Holiday Cosmo-Deck The Halls

Holiday Timmy-My Two Front Teeth

Showbiz Timmy and Bruce (School Daze from DHX's Showbiz on Screen Animated Musicals)-They move like Mr. and Mrs. Snow to the Concert Etiquette Rap.

Showbiz Cosmo and Mike-Cafeteria Confusion

Showbiz Wanda and Francine-I'm In a Daze

Showbiz AJ and Victor-Run, Run Rudolph

Showbiz Chester and Snoozy-the Granny Awards Song

Showbiz Tootie and Kayla-Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Showbiz Anti-Cosmo and Herbert-Peace on Earth (Mrs. Claus and the Christmas Star)

Showbiz Chip and Chip in an Arguement-Press the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee logo to hear Pandemonium (clean version from: but when the Fairly OddParents logo is pushed, Chip and Chip argue about their names.

Showbiz Anti-Wanda and Purplebeard-Pirates All Are We

Partying Wanda-Get This Party Started

Partying Cosmo-Macarena

Partying Timmy-Celebration

Partying Poof-Party All The Time

Partying Foop-Party Rock Anthem

Partying Anti-Cosmo-Gettin' Jiggy With It

Partying Anti-Wanda-Cotton-Eye Joe

Partying Vicky-The Electric Slide

Partying Chester and AJ-Party Like a Rock Star

Partying Tootie-Asereje