This page is for any fan ideas of Airblown Inflatables, have fun!

Valentine's Day Edit

-6ft tall Tabby Cat wearing pink bowtie w/ heart that reads "You're Purrfect for me" (2003)

-5ft tall, open box of chocolates (2005)

-5ft Cupid w/ moving arms/bow (2009)

-5ft heart w/ moving arms that open banner that reads "Happy Valentines Day" (2008)

-9ft Gumball Watterson Holding A Box Of Chocolates With A Rose In His Mouth

-6ft Wall-E Holding A Heart That Says Robot Love (2009)

Easter Edit

-5ft long Bunny on small motorcyle w/ easter egg underneath (2005)

-7ft Easter basket with colorful and patterned eggs, including one with a chick hatching out of it (2007)

-5 1/2 ft bunny couple The male bunny is blue and wears a light yellow vest with a lavender bow tie, the female bunny is pink and wears a lavender dress and a light yellow bonnet (2008)

-8 ft purple Bunny holding a banner that reads "Happy Easter!" (2003)

-4ft Snoopy w/ bunny ears, and a basket with animated Woodstock coming out of it (2010)

-5ft Wall-E Dressed Up As A Easter Bunny And Holding A Basket Off Eggs (2007)

Halloween Edit

-6ft tall pumpkin w/ yellow happy face in it (2012)

-4ft Crow on Skull w/ light up eyes (2012)

-8ft tall Skeleton w/ pumpkin (2013)

-7ft tall Werewolf w/ moving head (2014)

-8ft Medusa w/ light up eyes (2014)

-6ft Ring Girl rising out Well (2015)

-6ft Devil w/ light up eyes and moving wings (2015)

-10ft Oogie Boogie w/ roulette wheel (2016)

-3ft Zero w/ light up nose (2016)

-5ft Piranha w/ light up eyes and Person in mouth w/ moving legs (2016)

-4ft Circus Baby (2017)

-5ft The Amazing World Of Gumball Carrie Krueger w/ witch hat and cape. and a halloween banner that says happy halloween (2015)

-7ft Robot boy wearing a witch hat and holding a pumpkin (2009)

Christmas Edit

-4ft caroling penguins that sing 3 Christmas carols: "Up On The Housetop", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Deck The Halls" (2012)

-6ft long "The Amazing World of Gumball" Watterson family in sleigh w/ show's logo on both sides of the sleigh (2012)

-7ft long Animated Gumball And Penny Chimney Scene With Gumball Popping In And Out Of The Chimney With The Help Of Penny (2013)

-6ft Teri From The Amazing World Of Gumball Sitting On A Present Wearing A Santa Hat (2016)

-7ft Dexter's Laboratory Dee Dee Dressed Up As An Elf With A Candy Cane And A Present. (2006)

-4ft Dexter's Laboratory Dexter Wearing A Santa Hat With A Toy Sack (2003)

-12ft long Gingerbread train (2012)

-11ft Robot Boy Dressed Up As Santa And Holding A Present (2011)

-9ft Santa hanging on flagpole by his underwear (2012)

-5ft Angel holding a banner that reads "Merry Christmas" (2015)

-5ft Caroling Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald with Santa hats (2016)

-6ft Photorealistic Loud House Christmas Scene (2018)

Other Edit

-4th of July: 6ft Betsy Ross in a rocking chair sewing the American flag (2009)

-Thanksgiving: 4ft cornucopia (2004)

-5ft Beer bottle that reads "Happy Fathers Day" (2015)

-6ft Projection Airblown Inflatable Tardis: Projects swirling colors 

-7ft Gumball With Birthday Banner That Says The Party's All Here Or Happy Birthday (2011)

-8ft Robot Boy With Birthday Banner That Says The Party's All Here Or A Custom One (2008)


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