This page is for any fan ideas of Gemmy's porch greeters. Have fun!

Valentine's DayEdit

  • Talking Cupid
  • Light-up Standing Owl Greeter - Holds a heart that reads "OWL love never stops!"
  • Singing Life-Size Lizard Greeter - Holds a heart that reads "IGUANA be loved with somebody!" Sings a parody of "I wanna dance with somebody", with the "I wanna"s with Iguana.


  • Talking Bunny


  • Talking Pumpkin
  • Talking Skeleton


  • Talking Santa
  • Talking Elf
  • Talking Penguin
  • Musical The Amazing World Of Gumball Teri Sitting On A Green Present And Wears A Santa Hat And Plays Deck The Halls.

Year Round/OtherEdit

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