The Flaming Monkey Tiki Torch is an item made by Gemmy in 2014.


It's a monkey who appears  to be made out of wood (It's actually made of a hard and sturdy plastic) holding two torches, one in each hand. When the item is plugged in, the fake flames in the torches turn on, making it appear to have live flames.

Description from Gemmy.comEdit

(Ik this is something diffrent, but I just wanted to try this out ;w;)

"Want to light up your pool party with exotic deacrations but don't want to risk little fingers getting burnt? Then our new Flaming Monkey Tiki Torch is what you've been looking for! Just plug him in and watch his fake flames come to life, they look so real, and they won't cause any harm."


-He was sold at Party City for $24.99

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