Fraidy Cat (Not to be confused with the already existing Gemmy item with the same name) is a small series based of the 1975 cartoon from "Uncle Croc's Block" made in 2015 to celebrate the 40th anniversary.


Fraidy "Nine" Cat and Captain "Three" Kitt.

Items in the series Edit

The items stand at about 1 foot, excluding Elephunt Cave "One" Cat and Ant, and Billy "Five" the Kitt, they say 2 phrases and sing a song.

Fraidy "Nine" Cat- Stray Cat Strut

Elephunt Cave "One" Cat and Ant- Walk the Dinosaur

Kitty "Two" Wizard- Black Magic Woman

Captain "Three" Kitt- Sea Cruise

Sir Walter "Four" Cat- What a Wonderful World

Billy "Five" the Kitt- Long Tall Texan

Jasper "Six" Catdaver- Thriller

Captain Eddie "Seven" Cattenbakker- Wild Blue Yonder

Hep "Eight" Cat- Zoot Suit Riot

Fraidy cat the eight previous line up by darkenedsparrow-d59zvfi

The Eight ghosts

Trivia Edit

-Dashboard Drivers were also made, they say 2 phrases, and sing a smaller portion of their song.

-Billy "Five" the Kitt was recalled because he was too loud, causing his speaker to easily fry, a 2nd version was made a few months later, which was more quiet.

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