This is a Groovy Girls spin-off and was made in 2012

List of CharactersEdit

Dorothea-Shake A Tailfeather

Blair-In The Mood

Sleepover Mania Carly-Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sleepover Mania Dru-I Love the Nightlife

Carina-Let's Twist Again

Giggle and Shout Alida-Mickey

Giggle and Shout Ronni-We Got the Beat

Bretta-Make a New Friend Every Day (from My Little Pony)

Blonde Isadora (not to be confused with the brunette)-Get This Party Started

Katrien-Anniversary Waltz

Nissa-Waltz of the Flowers

Best Friends Maeve-Unforgettable

Roxy-You Shook Me All Night Long

Zander-Boss of Me

Rhonda-I'm So Excited

Cute OutfitsEdit

You Go Girl Cicely-These Boots Are Made for Walking

Born to Shred Carissa-Old Time Rock and Roll

Slumbermania Daphne-Dream a Little Dream

Cargo Largo Roxette-Take Me to the River

Equine Devine Yvette-Little Patch of Heaven

Dressy Dress Janisse-Sweet Caroline

Stylin' School Sesilia-School's Out for Summer

Summertastic Style Inga-Summer Nights

Fun Fall Fashion Troop Dinah-Great Big Moose

Brownie Bonanza Kiri-Hands Are Strong

Girl Scout Glitz Roxi-The Monkey and the Engineer (a traditional folk song written and composed by Jesse Fuller, covered by the Grateful Dead band in 1981)

Jaunty Jeans Nadia-TTYLXOX

Vogue Velvet Jayna-My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Beauty Sleep Izzie-All I Have to Do is Dream

Glamtastic Glitz Irina-Putting on the Ritz

Neon and On Rayannah-Get Ready for This

Sailoretta Splendor Myla-Annie's Song

Sailoriffic Star Angelique-Anchors Away

Stylin' in the Rain Chelsi-Wake Me Up When September Ends

Styled to the Maxi Breanna-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Cosmpolitan Couture Talli-Funkytown

Red She Said Nina-Hot Stuff

Pink and Partylicious Iku-Ice Cream and Cake

Ever After Princess Bayani-In My Life

Spring Fling Brenna-Summer from Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension

Super Starlet Andie-Twist and Shout

Fruity Fashionista Brooklyn-Pocket Full of Sunshine

Daydream Doctor Petula-Bad Case of Loving You, Physical and Good Loving

Snugglerific Inez-Dream a Little Dream

Purplerific Dela-The Rainbow Connection

Socceriffic Isadora-Rock and Roll Part 2

Ponchorific Panache Irina-Umbrella

Chilltastic Tamae-Let It Go from Frozen

Boogie Down Pilar-Papa Oom Mow Mow

Yogalicious Seanna-Physical

Bailey in Blissful Bubbles Bathtub-Splish Splash

Maren and Marissa in Wheelin' in Style-The car rolls around to I Can't Drive 55 and Lowrider.

Make a Splash Analise-Splish Splash and Hot Hot Hot

Stellar by Starlight Fleur-I Love the Nightlife

Splashy Starlet Franci-California Sun

Awesome Artist Tamsen-Different Strokes

Rockin Fashion Fenia-We Rock from Camp Rock

Class Pizzazz Thora-ABC by the Jackson 5

Cheetah Chick Leticia-The Sweet Escape

Glamorific Gown Vanessa-Get Down Tonight

Lavish Leopard Jordan-Walk Like an Egyptian

Fancy Fur Josie-Something to Dance For

Cosmic Cowgirl Jacinda-Rawhide

Fabulous and Flouncy Sage-Brighter Than the Sun

Rock the Boat Celeste-The song of the same name

Swanky Tanks Sidra, Siri, Sesilia and Karly-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sassy Frass Frock Nicole-Sassafrass Tea (from Zoey 101)

Winter Wonder Wear Savanna-Winter Wonderland

On Your Toes Selia-From a Distance

Supasuede Nanette-Superbass

Toasty Chapeaus Gwen, O'Ryan, and Yvette-Baby It's Cold Outside

Hoodwink Pink Jada-Best of Both Worlds

Juicy Jammies (but wearing the Sweet Siesta slippers) Kelsey-You Light Up My Life

Jeanology Reese-Unwritten

Miss Fancy Pants Oki-I'm Fabulous (from Phineas and Ferb)

Later, Gator Phoebe-The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls

Raving Rock Star Darci-Girlfriend and We're Not Gonna Take It

Glamour and Grace Ayanna-Permanent Midnite from Zoey 101

Rainy Rave Shayla-Singin' in the Rain

Totally Awesome Kenna (wearing Flaunt Your Feet sandals)-Catch a Wave

Bathing Beauty Kassi-Surfin' Bird

Tutus and Twirls Anya-Music Box Dancer

Poochie Mama Britta-Yakety Yak

T's Please Solana, Kayla and Sarita-We Got the Beat

Hula-La Siri-Cierre Bob Esponja (the ukulele song played over the Spongebob credits)

Boarding Call Kinzey-Snoopy Versus Red Baron

Double-Duty Dressing Sidra-Respect

Out on the Town Natalya-Blue Moon

Camilla and Cadence in the Pinktastic Retro Roller-The car plays "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" from Teen Beach Movie as the girls drive around in it.

Miss Mod Tomiko-San Francisco

Drowsy Dreams Linae-If You Can Dream (Pop Dreamers)

Rah Rah Palooza Bindi-We're Not Gonna Take It

Vinylicious Solana-Gloria Estefan's Conga

Island Exotique Lourdes-Soak Up The Sun

Raelyn and Roxette in the Whatever Floats Your Boat-Hooked on a Feeling plays as the boat rolls around.

Uber Duber Denim Larissa-Live While We're Young

Debut Dazzle Tegan-Broadway Baby

Beachwear Beau Monde Kassidy-Surfing Safari

Snorkel Scene Taryn-Chasing The Sun

It's My Party Trini-The song of the same name

Darling Denim Suki-Call It Whatever

Puffalicious Coat Lycia-Winter Wonderland

Stripe Spectacular Nora-Lips are Movin'

Cold Snap Raelyn-Frozen Heart (from Frozen)

Shangri-La Shut-Eye Danika-3am by Meghan Trainor

"Hi" Fashion Robyn-Hello by Dragonette

Pattern Pizzazz Rachel-What a Girl Wants

Varsity Vogue Reagan-Be True To Your School

Daisy Craze Renee-Flower by Cody Simpson

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