The Headropping Hatbox Ghost is an item made in 2015 to celebrate the Hatbox Ghost returning to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.


What he looks like.

Description Edit

The Hatbox Ghost is standing on a black base, with the button having the rides logo on it. When activated, his head falls backwards into his outfit, then the hatbox lights up, reveling a smaller version of his head inside, and he says 15 phrases and sings "Grim Grimming Ghosts".

Trivia Edit

-He was only sold in the Haunted Mansion Gift Shop at Disneyland for $39.99.

-A lifesize version was also made for display purposes only,so there is only one in existence, and on May 2nd 2016, he was auctioned off to some lucky person for $1,000.

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