These products were made to promote the classic Nicktoon and movie since their launch in 1998.

Beat Boppers (made in 1998) Edit

They move like the bears.

Arnold-Love Potion Number Nine

Rhonda-Beat It

Helga-Summer Nights

Lila-Doo Wah Diddy Diddy

Sheena-Crocodile Rock

Gerald-Rapper's Delight

Phoebe-Twist and Shout

Nadine-Pink Shoelaces

Hip Swingers (made in 1999) Edit

Hip-Swinging Arnold-When You're Smiling

Hip-Swinging Helga-Beat It

Hip-Swinging Gerald-Old Time Rock & Roll

Big Heads (made in 2001) Edit

Arnold-It's Not Unusual and messages

Helga-phrases and Le Freak

Gerald-Phrases and Get Down Tonight

Phoebe-Phrases and When Life Gives You Lemons

Eugene-Keep Your Sunny Side Up and Phrases

Life-Size Characters (made in 2002) Edit

Life-Size Arnold-Beat It

Life-Size Helga-Dancing in the Street (since Hey Arnold is set in a city)

Life-Size Gerald-Rapper's Delight

Life-Size Lila-Walking on Sunshine

Rockin' Ones (made in 2002)Edit

They move like Spike the Rocking Porcupine.

Arnold-Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Helga-We Got the Beat

Gerald-Old Time Rock and Roll

Phoebe-I Love Rock and Roll

Sheena-Doing the Sponge

Rhonda-Brick House

Nadine-Born to Handjive

Sid-Rock and Roll All Night

Dangling Dancers (made in 2003) Edit


Arnold-Hippy Hippy Shake


Gerald-Get Ready for This

Helga in Go-Go Boots-These Boots Are Made for Walking

Arnold in Loafers-Let's Twist Again

Phoebe in Blue Suit-Brick House

Fifi in Swimsuit-Vacation

Groovin' Ones (made from 2002-2004)Edit

These move like the Groovin' Ghouls.

Arnold-Rubber Biscuit



Nadine-I Will Survive

Sheena-The Electric Slide

Rhonda-Hot Hot Hot

Phoebe-Let's Get Loud

Sid-Gonna Make You Sweat

80s Ones (made in Spring 2004)

80s Arnold-Whip it

80s Helga-Maniac

80s Rhonda-Mony Mony

80s Stinky-Sunglasses at Night

80s Gerald-My Sharona

80s Lila-Walking on Sunshine

80s Earl-Square Biz

80s Brainy-Vacation

80s Sid-We Built this City

TV Ones (made in 2005) Edit

Arthur and Arnold-The Arthur Theme Song (

Helga and Zoey-Follow Me

Olga and Coconut Fred-the theme song to Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

Gerald and Drake-I Found a Way

Brainy and Fonzie-Happy Days

Memorable Moments (based on Hey Arnold! episodes)Edit

"Phoebe's Little Problem" Phoebe Farting Statue-When you walk by her, she makes the same farting sound from the episode.

"Cool Party" Arnold, Stinky and Sid-YMCA

"Helga's Parrot" Helga and her Parrot-Animal Crackers in My Soup plays as they move like the Dancing Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

"Summer Love" Lila, Helga and Arnold-Summer Nights from Grease

"Eugene, Eugene" Eugene and Rhonda-When Life Gives You Lemons

"Haunted Train" Arnold and Gerald-Arnold plays his harmonica while Gerald sings the Haunted Train Blues.

"Arnold's Halloween" Arnold and Gerald-The Midnight Hour

"Arnold's Christmas" Arnold, Helga, Rhonda, Phoebe and Gerald-We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

"Eugene's Pet" Harmonica Player Arnold-He plays harmonica to Shenandoah.

"Longest Monday" Arnold and Gerald-Sharp-Dressed Man

"Big Bob Crisis" Helga and Olga-Awesomely Bad Time from the Backyardigans

"Back to School" Arnold-I'm in a Daze from School Daze

"Egg Story" Arnold and Helga-Devil in Disguise

"Wheezin' Ed" Gerald-Just a Gigolo

"Beaned" Helga-I'm a Loser

"The Journal" Arnold and Helga-Stupid Cupid

"Ms. Perfect" Lila-Don't Cha

"Rhonda's Glasses" Rhonda-I Only Have Eyes for You

"Love and Cheese" Gloria-That's Amore

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