The Life Size Dancing Female Skeleton is an item made for Halloween in 2006.


It's a female counterpart to the regular version of the Life Size Dancing Skeleton, the only diffrence is she has blonde hair, and her suit and hat are pink instead of black, and she stands on a black base with a purple button. When activated via push button, motion, or sound, she sways side to side, her eyes light up red, and she moves her head and mouth as she sings 5 diffrent songs

-Halloween spoof of Girls Just Wanna have Fun (called "AS GHOULS, WE WANNA HAVE FUN")

-Wild Thing

-In the Midnight Hour

-Bad to the Bone



-She was sold at Walmart for $99.99 and K-Mart for $129.99

-On her base, she has a microphone and AUX cable jack, so you can make her say whatever you want or dance to any song

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