The Lifesize Animated Oogie Boogie is an item released by Gemmy in 2018. 

What he looks like


Oogie Boogie is standing on a base designed after a roulette wheen and is holding a pair of dice in his hand. When activated via push button, motion, or sound, Oogie Boogie moves his head and mouth, and moves his arm with the dice, as he says 15 phrases, 5 from the movie and 10 original, and sings "Oogie Boogie's Song".


-He was only sold at Spirit Halloween for $249.99

-The original price announced in July was $399.99, due to his large size (Nearly 7' tall and around 4' wide), however this price quickly caused backlash with the haunter community, and the price was dropped to Jack's price

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