The Lifesize Haunted Knight Statue was an item made Gemmy in 2006 


It's a knight statue that's a rusting silver color, is holding an axe in his hand, a shield with the other, and has a red feather in his helmet. When activated via motion sensor, sound, or timer (Every 1-3 minutes), the knight statue rocks back and forth, his hand holding the axe and shield move at different times, and his head slowly turns.


-He was sold at Walmart for $99.99, and Spirit Halloween the next year for $119.99

-The prototype was similar to the final version, but it had a silver with gold outline, and was missing the red feather.

-This is one of the only Gemmy items that's not an inflatable or lights that is activated by a timer.
61IAnuw7xUL. SL1100

The prototype

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