The Lightningball Spinning Frankenstein is an item made by Gemmy in 2007. 
Halloween Decoration Prop Gemmy Dancing booty shakin monster frankenstein

What he looks like, except he's holding his head and 3 lightningballs on a string.


The Frankenstein looks similar to the Booty Shakers Frankenstein, except he's holding a string of 3 lightningballs in one hand, and his head in the other, and he's on a black base with a yellow button. When activated via push button, the lightningballs light up yellow, while Frankenstein swings his hips, spins the lightningballs, and raises his arm with his head up and down as he sings "Monster Mash" and "Thriller".


-He was sold only at Menards for $19.99

-He uses the same recordings as the Lifesize Frankenstein

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