If Living Garden came back, this would be the new collection. They were made from 2010-2012.


Bluebird (Remake) -Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

Robin (Remake)-Rocking Robin

Christmas Bluebird (Remake)-Santa Baby

Christmas Cardinal (Remake)-It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Cardinal (Remake)-Grooving

Mockingbird (Remake)-Good Day Sunshine, Sing and Mockingbird

Dove (Remake)-I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

Sparrow-Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Pigeon-The Rainbow Connection

Cardinal Couple (Remake)-7 Lonely Days and Teach the World to Sing

Blackbird-the song of the same name

Crow (Remake)-The Midnight Hour

Raven (Remake)-Superfreak

Buzzard-Hot Hot Hot

Vulture (Remake)-Evil Ways

Oriole-Good Morning, Baltimore

Goldfinch and Woodpecker (Remake)-Knock on Wood and I Hear You Knockin'


Leah the Singing Lily-Sunrise, Sunset

Tina the Singing Tulip-Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Flora the Singing Orchid-Chim-Chim-Cher-Ee

Paula the Singing Primrose-Pocket Full of Sunshine

Peppa the Singing Poppy-The Rainbow Connection

Gertrude the Singing Gardenia-I Will

Helen the Singing Hibiscus (everyday)-The Tide is High

Helen the Singing Hibiscus (Holiday edition)-Meli Kalikimaka

Danielle the Singing Daffodil-In My Life

Rosa the Singing Rose-Roses Are Red, My Love

Suzy the Singing Snowdrop-Suzy Snowflake

Chrissa the Singing Carnation (New Year's Edition)-Auld Lang Syne

Chrissa the Singing Carnation (everyday version)-You Light Up My Life

Winter the Singing Water Lily-Candle on the Water

Melanie the Singing Morning Glory-Good Day Sunshine

Casey the Singing Cosmos-Don't Worry, Baby (by the Beach Boys)

Glenda the Singing Gladiolus-A, You're Adorable

Astra the Singing Aster-Besame Mucho

Paige the Singing Poinsettia (everyday version)-Sway Me Now

Paige the Singing Poinsettia (Christmas version)-Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (same lyrics as Snowy the Singing Ornament without phrases)

Louise the Singing Larkspur-A Spoonful of Sugar

Carla the Singing Calendula-Let It Be Me

Trudy the Singing Trillium-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Gladys the Singing Gladiolus-Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be)

Violet the Singing Violet-What a Wonderful World

Lucy the Singing Lily-of-the-Valley-I Hope You Dance

Petula the Singing Petunia-I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

Singing Black-Eyed Susan (her flower type is a Black-Eyed Susan which doubles as her name)-I Will Always Love You

Cathy the Singing Cactus Flower-Hot Hot Hot (but in a girl's voice)

Irene the Singing Iris-Perfect Day

Rachel the Singing Ranunculus-Love Is All Around

Amy the Singing Amaryllis-Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Penelope the Singing Peony-It's a Sunshine Day

Hillary the Singing Hyacinth-Time to Change (from The Brady Bunch in a female voice)

Patty the Singing Pansy-True Colors 

Galaxy PlaquesEdit

Sun (Remake)-I Can See Clearly Now

Moon (Remake)-That's Amore

Moon 2 (Remake)-Dancing in the Moonlight

Male Star-Shining Star

Female Star-Swinging on a Star

Earth-Take On The World

Jupiter-Drops of Jupiter

Saturn-Rocket Man

Neptune-Bright by Echosmith

Mercury-E.T. by Katy Perry


Venus-Venus (by Bananarama)


Spinning RocksEdit

Gray Male (Remake)-Old Time Rock & Roll

Tan Male-Rock & Roll All Night

Tan Male With Moss-We Will Rock You

Grey Male w/ moss - Party Rock Anthem

Grey Female-I Love Rock & Roll

Tan Female-We Will Rock You

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