The Hazbin Hotel mini snowglobe was made in 2019, and is based on the YouTube animation "Hazbin Hotel" by Vivziepop. The snowglobe features Charlie and Vaggie standing beside a Christmas tree. The base is red with a font that reads "Happy HELL-idays", but the "HELL" part is crossed out in blue and "Hol" is written above it to embed the phrase "Happy Holidays" on the base. Snow swirls continuously around the scene while a segment of the song "Inside of every demon is a rainbow" plays. It also has a continuous mode where snow blows continuously while the song plays on loop, and a no sound mode where snow just blows and no music plays.


Mini Snowglobe - Hazbin hotel

Where this item was soldEdit

This item was sold at Publix for $14.99.


This item almost didn't get approved by the market for having the word "Hell" embedded on it. Thankfully, having that word scribbled out via paint saved this item and it was approved for selling and mass production.

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