If Gemmy's Movin' Monkeys came back, there would be some new characters added:

Existing CharactersEdit

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New CharactersEdit

Maya (light blue) - Funkytown. She wears a pink sparkly headband.

Madison (fuchsia) - These Boots Are Made For Walking. She wears a flower crown.

Momo (dark blue) - Ice Ice Baby. He wears a baseball cap with a banana on it.

Mel (red) - You Dropped A Bomb On Me. He wears purple shutter sunglasses.

Meghan (neon yellow) - All About That Bass. She wears a big sparkly pink hair bow.

Mondo (neon green) - Live While We're Young. He wears a blue hoodie.

Miso (neon orange) - The Way I Are. He wears a pair of black sunglasses.

Marty (stars)-Rubber Biscuit. He wears a denim jacket.

Marsha (stripes)-Can't Stop Moving. She wears a black headband.

Marie (checkerboard) - Wild Ones. She wears two yellow hair bows on her ears.

Monica (polka dots)-Treasure. She wears a necklace.

Marcus (Candy Cane Stripes)- Christmas version of "Old Time Rock and Roll". He wears a Santa suit.

Melody (music notes)-The Monkees theme song. She wears a music note dress.

Melissa (wavy print)-Get Down Tonight. She has a green bob hairdo.

Maxie (hearts)-Love You Like a Love Song. She wears a pink sparkly dress.

Missy (neon pink) - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She wears a tiara.

Merry (Christmas red) - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. She wears a pair of reindeer antlers.

Mistletoe (Christmas green) - Jingle Bell Rock. He wears a Santa hat.

Migo (Christmas white)- Feliz Navidad- Wears a sombrero and a mustache

Marina (neon blue)-Let's Twist Again

Marlo (neon red)-Maniac

May (neon purple)-Whip It

Mike (light red)-What Makes You Beautiful. He wears a gray hoodie.

Marla (periwinkle)-Firework

Morgan (cerulean)-Part of Me

Misty (indigo)-Wannabe

Myra (violet)-22

Martha (silver)-Disco Inferno

Mulligan (gold)-Party Like a Rockstar

Marisa (teal)-Jump in the Line

Mira (rainbow)-Lips are Movin'

Valentine Michele (Cupid's arrow through hearts)-Love Machine

Valentine Mark (hearts and stars)-Love Rollercoaster

Snowman Fan (Jack Snow)-Let It Snow He Wears A Blue And Shiny Santa Hat And Scarf.

Decades Collection Edit

50s Mansi (melon green records and music notes)-She wears a green poodle skirt and cat-eye glasses and spins to Who Put the Bomp.

40s Macy (confetti)-Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy

70s Mac (disco balls)-Disco Inferno

60s Malva (houndstooth)-Build Me Up ButterCup

80s Micki (dusty blue)-Mickey (wears a neon pink 80s outfit)

90s Marshall (sound bars)-Baby Got Back

Multicultural Collection:Edit

Millie (wears a blue shirt with stars and a red/white striped skirt)-Party in the USA

Matsuri (wears a kimono)-Turning Japanese

Murphy (wears a green/white/orange tuxedo)-Irish Eyes

Marco (wears a sombrero and poncho)-Oye Como Va

Mikayla (wears purple, gold and green beaded necklace)-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

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