Patti the Surfing Pelican is an item released by Gemmy in 2005. 


It's a female white pelican wearing sunglasses and a tank top that reads "Surfs Up!" standing on a blue and orange tie dyed surfboard, surfing on some waves. When activated via bush button, the surfboard moves back and forth, so it looks like Patti is surfing, and she moves her head and mouth as she says 10 phrases and sings "Surfing USA", "Tide is High", and plays the song "Wipeout".


-She was sold for the Summer of 2005

-She was sold only at Toys R Us for $14.99

-She has a male counterpart named Paul, who is very similar, except his surfboard is purple and green, he wears sunglasses, tie dye swin trunks, and is holding a coconut drink, and instead of Tide is High, he sings "It's 5 O Clock Somewhere".

-She was made out of a special plastic, which allows her to be used in a covered outdoor area

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