The Red Dashboard Driver is an item released by Gemmy in 2018. 
Little Red Slicing Hood

What Red looks like


Red stands on a red base with a yellow button. When activated via push button or motion of the car, Red would move her arm holding the sword and move her head as she says 8 phrases, and plays a remix of "Stronger Monsters" and "Dummy!"


-Red was originally sold with a metal sword, but after safety concerns arose, the sword was later changed to a soft plastic, and only 5,000 of the metal ones were made.

-Red is a fanmade character, however in 2018, Toby Fox got the rights to make Red cannon

-The plastic one was sold online only for $19.99, and the metal one was breifly sold online, but most of them were given out as a preorder exclusive item for purchasing Undertale for the PS4 only.

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