They were made from 1999-2002.

Sailor Moon-the theme song

Venus-It's a New Day

Mars-The Martian Hop

Jupiter-Drops of Jupiter

Saturn-Single Ladies

Uranus-Ray of Light


Neptune-The Planets from Animaniacs

Tuxedo Mask-Zoot Suit Riot

Sailor Chibi Moon-The Cosmic Dance from Sonic Underground

Disco Mania Edit

Tuxedo Mask-Disco Inferno (lights up blue and green)

Sailor Venus-I Will Survive (spins on light-up base, base lights up orange)

Sailor Moon-Get Down Tonight

Sailor Jupiter-Love Machine

Sailor Mars-Play that Funky Music-base lights up red

Sailor Uranus-Staying Alive

Sailor Neptune-Shake your Groove Thing- base lights up blue

Sailor Pluto-Knock on Wood-base lights up purple

Sailor Chibi Moon-base lights up pink as she plays Disco Duck.


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