Snowflake Spinning Cookie Monster Is An Item Released In 2008, And A Counterpart To Snowflake Spinning Elmo. He Is Wearing A Red And Blue Scarf, Holds A Santa Hat In His Right Hand, And A String Of Lighted Red Snowflakes In His Left Hand. He Is Standing On A Red Base With The Sesame Street Logo On It And A Push Button Underneath. When Activaded, He Swings His Hips, Tips The Santa Hat, Moves His Mouth (Like Jaw), And Spins His Lighted Snowflakes As He Sings His Own Version Of "We wish you a Merry Christmas".


Design Based On This.

Where He Was SoldEdit

Like Elmo, He Is Sold At Walmart In 2009-Present


This Uses The Same Soundtrack As The Animated Holiday One From 2005.

Red Base Is The Same As His Holiday One From 2005.

Like The Elmo, Skeleton, And Werewolf, He Has A Moving Jaw. (No Light Up Eyes)

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