These are add ons if Gemmy decides to continue the series.

Existing onesEdit

These have been given custom names, unless names already exist.

Cha Cha- Cha Cha Slide (Green)

Clucky- Chicken Dance (Green

Mark- Macarena (Blue)

Get Down- Get Down on It (Green)

Funky- Funky Town (Green)

Electric- Electric Slide (Green)

Lucas- I Like to Move It (Brown)

Orange Whip- Let It Whip (Green)

Betsy- These Boots are Made for Walking (Green)

Da Bomb- You Dropped a Bomb on Me (Green)

Da Bomb (Valentines day version)- You Dropped a Bomb on Me (Green)

Robert- Mr. Roboto (Green)

Latin- Ketchup Song (Red)

Lucy- I Love to Love You Baby (Red)

Funky (Valentines Day version)- Funky Town (Green)

Beth- Bootylicious (Green)

Funky (You Dropped A Bomb on Me version) - like a mix of Funky and Da Bomb (Green)

New OnesEdit

Lyra- Let's Twist Again (Pink)

Ethan- Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Green)

Greg- GDFR (White with a Green shell)

Harry-Hop Hop Hop (Pink with bunny ears)

Tyrone- Temperature (Brown)

Holly- Have a Holly Jolly Christmas (White with white/blue shell, same colors as Bumble)

Natalia- No (Green with pink shell)

Peter- Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail (White with bunny ears)

Maya- Me, Myself, and I (Purple with Pink spots)

Lomar- Low (Green)

Carl- Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Red)

Harper- Honey I'm Good (Red)

Sam- Soul Man (Green with sunglasses)

Dylan- Spoof of Walk the Dinosaur called "Walk the Turtle Dance" (Green)

Abby- Applause (Green)

Craig-Jingle Bells (Green and Red)

Hollow- It's Halloween Time (Orange with jack o lantern face on shell)

Waldo- Wiggle (White with Red Stripes)

Logan- Living on a Prayer (Purple)

Warren- Whiskey River (Green)

Austin- Alley Oop (Blue with green/orange shell)

Harold- Hey Baby (White with orange stripes)

Mackie- Mack the Knife (Grey)

Sarah- I Will Survive (Green)

Wally- Wrap it Up (Green with red spots)

Tyler- Tragedy (Black)

Miguel- Down in Mexico (Green)

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