Just out of nowhere, I'm getting spammed with dislikes on my videos again! It's happened with 2 of my most recent uploads: The Gemmy kangaroo hop on low batteries, and my green eggs & ham YTP!!! I feel like that someone in this wikia may be responsible with the reason being I refused to help Coltonandgen become and admin on fanmade Gemmys wiki to help block Cody ryan, and when he said "So you'd rather have Cody Ryan spamming you with dislikes?" that's what caused this dislike spamming to return. So if it helps to get these dislikes off my back for good, then YES!!! I'LL FUCKING HELP COLTON BECOME A FUCKING ADMIN IF IT WILL GET THE FUCKING DISLIKES OFF MY FUCKING VIDEOS FOR NO FUCKING REASON!!! 

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