Hello, I wanted to apalogize to anyone whose feelings I may have hurt. I was just so infuriated that some people on this wiki were being too bossy to the point of making me leave. But seeing how the activity on this wiki has been slow lately (Believe me. I checked.), and Colton not having any interest in Gemmy items anymore, I just might come back to this wiki worry free. But if I DO decide to return, I want to ensure that it's actually safe for me to make my product pages however I please. In addition, I would also like my adminship back and have the ability to block any bad users who might swoop in and attempt to ruin any pages, including mine. After all, this IS a wikia contributed to making product ideas of our own which were inspired by the innovation company we all know and love. If I can't get my equal rights here like everyone else, I'm never gonna get around in this place.

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